Zenobius Records is the electronic dance music subsidiary of Dance Concepts, which was started in 2006. The label’s staff includes Ronny and his team with producers and creative minds around the globe. It was originally set up to give Events like; ‘Let there be House’ and several other projects. After a mind-blowing period in this hectic dance scene they wanted to expand knowledge and take this in a more creative way. Teach others and share the love of electronic music.

In the beginning, this label wil bring you music such as House, Techno and other experimental dance music that remind us to these early days of house musicDo not put your music taste in a box. Simply enjoy what you like. Every mood creates another part of your journey into sound. We will bring you these different moods and blends of experimental cross-overs. Enjoy and come back. Feel free to follow us at, Instagram and other community’s. Simply enjoy music. make it a:

Happy Overwhelming Universal Sound Experience